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This service is offered by RenderX. RenderX is the world's first company to roll out a commercial grade XSL FO rendering engine. This engine is used for online rendering of source documents to PDF or PostScript formats.
The scheme above illustrates the procedure of source document processing.

The source documents for our engine are XSL FO files or sets of XML documents and stylesheets. Moreover, our engine can process XML documents in DocBook XML V4.1.2 format, released 27 Aug 2000.

The XSL FO file provided by the user or prepared to the user's stylesheet should meet W3C Recommendation as of 21 November 2000. Some XSL FO options are not supported by our engine. See the XEP documentation for more details.

Also we give our customers an opportunity to upload additional fonts, hyphenation tables, graphic files and stylesheets to our server. The isolation of objects at the file system level guarantees the impossibility of opening, using, changing or removing the uploaded files by any other visitor of our site.

To use images in documents, you should upload graphic files to the server, or these can be available via http. The graphic files uploaded can be used by the following type of XSL FO instructions:
<fo:external-graphic src="images/graphic_file">

Today we support the following graphic formats: gif, jpg, tif, png and svg.

Fonts in the standard set cannot be replaced by the user. This means that the name of an uploaded font should not be the same as the name of a font already in the standard set, and that the uploaded metrics or the outline filename must be different from the the metrics or outline filename for a font in the standard set.

Similarly, a hyphenation table cannot be applied to a language that already has a preinstalled hyphenation table. The hyphenation table filename should not be the same as one in the standard set. The user can at any time look through the list of available fonts, hyphenation tables, graphic files and uploaded stylesheets.

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