XSL FO rendering online

About Commercial Rendering

You can use our server for processing your own printable documents. The input data may be presented in the form of prepared XSL FO files, XML files in the DocBook format or pairs of an XML file and a stylesheet. For more information see "About XSL FO Rendering Service".

OUR SERVICE IS NOT FREE. After processing a document you are offered to pay for its rendering an amount that depends on the number of pages in the resulting document. The price per one page is $1. To help you in making decision on purchasing the document you are provided with all the messages generated by the engine during the processing.

In case of your positive decision the final result is sent you via Internet, otherwise if you refuse to buy the document the result is deleted.

We are able to get payment via Internet with the following credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Dinner and Discover. The payment services are provided by the VeriSign Company that guarantees strict confidentiality of information received from you.

NOTE: Due to the financial transaction expenses we don't ask you to pay the full amount until the total price of the documents you've generated becomes equal or more than $15. So you may just get several first documents for free, however you'll have to pay for them when purchasing next one later.